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Qualified McTimoney Practitioner

Mary Wilkinson

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"Mary has treated my back for over 15 years, her treatment is highly effective, only 1 treatment.being needed to clear the problem.  I have also recommended Mary to friends with longstanding back problems that they believed could not be improved and again she has been able to clear them quickly."                     Sylvaine Shapland

Mary Wilkinson initially wanted to treat animals. At the time this meant successfully completing the McTimoney training course to treat humans, practising for at least 6 months and then qualifying on the animal course. She has now been a Qualified McTimoney Practitioner in human therapy for 20 years and animals for 17 years.

She has lectured in nutrition at the McTimoney College and been a practical tutor for the animal training course.
She enjoys the contrasts of the human and animal work. In her animal work she specialises in horses and dogs though she has successfully treated cats, alpacas and sheep.

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